October Minutes

Meeting called to order 7:07 pm

  1. Introductions
    1. Nicole Largen—President, Treasurer, Concessions Manger, Spirit Wear Coordinator, —looking for new president
    2. Rachel Sile—Secretary—PR
    3. Brian Parke—Director of Student Activities
    4. Dakota Beach—ToSA—Student Activities
    5. Mr. Martinez—Principal
    6. Tyler Largen—IT guy
    7. Kali Ferguson—SALC
    8. Corey Crum—FBLA
  2. Description of the Bruins Boosters Organization
    1. The BBO is a combination of PTSO and Athletic Boosters. We saw in the past that the same parents were coming to both meeting at different days and times. We worked for two years getting the BBO under one name and rewrote the by-laws to make sure everyone gets something. We know support teachers, clubs, activities, and of course our athletic department.
  3. Open Floor
    1. Introduced Mr. Moreno & Kali Ferguson
    2. Kali spoke to the group about Breakfast with Santa. We need all hands on deck. We now have a group called the SALC which stands for the Student Activity Leadership Club. The SALC will be sending out a sign up for the following, and many more.
      1. Used or new stuffed animals
      2. Sugar cookies for decorating
      3. Wrapping paper
      4. Santa Suit
      5. Syrup
      6. Coffee
      7. Hot Chocolate
      8. Pancake Batter (just add water)
    3. Corey Crum came to discuss FBLA, the Future Business Leaders of America. Corey explained the program and how it is run through Mrs. Goldman. The FBLA would like to run a fundraiser like stocking stuffers and become more involved with the BBO and the school.
    4. Tabatha Zarkauskus spoke to the meeting about redoing the Senior Courtyard. Noah Hartung — a math teacher & basketball coach at Forest Park — will be taking down some trees which will cost around $400 which was approved at the meeting. Tabatha also gave a quote for grass at ~$600 which will have some of the grass being donated by the company and the BBO paying for the rest. With the improvements to the courtyard, it can be used as a classroom for Science and the Environmental Club.
  4. Mr. Parke spoke about our football field getting turfed over the winter. PWCS employees have been out on the field the past couple weeks to survey the land. This year, PWCS decided to try two schools to have “Open Track”. During Open Track, members of the community can come and use the track. Hylton, the other school doing Open Track is open from 4a-7a, and Forest Park is open from 5p-9p. We are also working on getting our practice fields to a state where they can be used for rentals, with 25% of the rental going back to the school. We are trying to get new water fountains that include a water bottle filler to reduce waste. The Homecoming theme this year was GLOW from 8pm-midnight; through the week leading up to Homecoming, there was 753 tickets sold. This year, Homecoming was held entirely in the gym. The Sophomore class held the event this year and it was amazing. We are also working on getting more cameras for the Football, Baseball, and Softball fields so parents and grandparents can watch the games without being there. Volleyball and Basketball already have cameras and have received a great response from many parents. We are working on getting more clubs like Rocket, E-Sports, and many others. Cheer will be hosting a competition on October 26th at FP and will attend one at Woodbridge HS this weekend.
  5. Ms. Beach stated that she is working as Brian Parke’s assistant and with our SCA. She oversees building rentals, and school sponsored clubs.
  6. Treasurers Report — Nicole went over the fact that memberships are up from last year. So far, we have raised over $1,700 in membership, Season Passes are up to $9,500, and Spirit Wear is still -$1,780.20. Hopefully the Spirit Wear will improve with Touchbase being on October 14th. We had some team parents show up for the meeting and they received a folder with their own account balance and any invoices that had to be paid or any deposits made to their team accounts. They will get their own folder at the beginning of each meeting, look through it, ask questions, and return it to the box at the end of the meeting
  7. Upgrade — Nicole brought up the fact that this year there is a lot of students riding their bikes to school. The bike rack in the front of the school (by the main office) is overloaded. Nicole will be calling Risk Management about getting two more for the front of the school, and one for the Gym (Door 22)
  8. Poinsettia Fundraiser starts today, October 7th, and will go through October 30th with all money due to Nicole by October 31st. The delivery of the poinsettias will be on December 2nd. Nicole will email all clubs and teams that could not make it to the meeting. There will be an order form placed in the mailboxes as well
  9. Breakfast with Santa will take place on December 14, from 8am to noon. We will need all hands-on deck for set up on December 13. Mr. Moreno’s SALC will host it this year with help from the BBO and Mr. Carbone. Fliers will be sent out to all elementary schools. This is a free event. All families welcomed. Looking for two people to play Santa Claus. Great way for students to get their volunteer hours in. Talked about having our holiday market as well, to be held in the gym.
  10. Holiday Nite out for parents –Nicole brought up the idea of hosting a nite out for parents on the same day as BWS. Cost $15 per child, $10 for each additional child from same family. Each team has an opportunity to have a station with the clubs hosting a craft or a game. Will meet with admin team to discuss in more detail
  11. Going Paperless—the BBO will be going paperless this year. The agenda will be projected on the TV screen in the media center and the minutes will be posted on our new site. They will be emailed to the executive board and the parents who signed in at the meeting for approval. Tyler is working on getting a site ready for the minutes for everyone to either vote for approval or make changes.

Next meeting will be on December 2, 2019

Meeting adjourned 8:07 pm